I DID IT - arriving at the Milton Keynes Museum on 20th July after attending Founders Day at Stanford Hall - SEE MEDIA LINK LEFT


In 2014 my SS80 Brough Superior, MR403, was 90 years old and I was 65.
Starting from Milton Keynes Museum I rode 4,000 miles around the coast to raise money for Comic Relief. 
John Wallis

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          @ 01/01/2015 = £6012.40

          The total of money donated to

Sport Relief (£4306-75) and Virgin Giving Pages

 + 1 cheque (£35) direct to Comic Relief.

 In addition any money that has been

          gift aided will add 25%.


New Years Day at Stony Stratford Market Square

25/11/2014 11:43
A lot of vintage and classic vehicles congregated in the Market Square and I joined them.  It was a great day with more than ever at the event.  I won the most coveted bike.  This was my last day of collecting and the figure just exceeded my target of £6,000 so a BIG thank you to all who contributed.  So many were so extremely generous it's humbling.

Sand and Motorcycles - Leighton Buzzard

21/09/2014 17:53
Sunday 28th September - LB Railway - A good warm day with  400 plus bikes.

Cernunnos Rally Hanslope and MK Museum Transport Day

16/09/2014 10:04
19-21st September Cernunnos/Sunday 21st - MK Museum Transport Day -  Good weather - Good events

BS Club 1066 Rally - near Hastings

07/09/2014 20:46
12-14th September - A great weekend stopping at the Ace Cafe both ways.  Riding on North and South circulars a pain though.


07/08/2014 13:41
BROUGH SUPERIOR CLUB ANNUAL RALLY at Middle Aston Leadership Centre, between Oxford and Banbury on 17th August.

Jobs to do after returning

29/07/2014 13:53
JOBS DONE Make oversize valve guide to replace the rear exhaust that has been going up and down with the valve for over 1,000 miles + Make new tank rubber plate and fix replacement rubber for one lost + Check rear wheel spoke tightness + Check and fix vibration going through handle bars at low speed - due to fork bushes + Remove temporary extra toolbox on rack made from socket set box + Replace rear wheel cush drive rubbers...


20/07/2014 19:39
Thanks to those that gave me a great reception at the VMCC Founders Day and afterwards at the Milton Keynes Museum.

Maintenance in Arnside

08/07/2014 19:22
Thanks to Robert Lemon for some serious help in replacing some spoke nipples in rear wheel solving a serious wobble.  Other maintenance includes sealing a slight petrol weep, cleaning some dirt in the petrol pipes and mending the mirror that had broken off.

Slight technical hitch - delayed 1 day

01/07/2014 20:21
Today at Penzance, a free day, whilst checking over the bike, John noticed that the rear wheel cush drive bolt head had sheared off. He's spent the day making something suitable, from similar bolts that he purchased from various places around. He will be staying in Penzance an extra day tomorrow and will skip his next free day so should be back on track by Sunday

And it was going so well ......

01/07/2014 19:55
Yesterday in Plymouth, John noticed that a bag was missing. It had his tablet PC, batteries/films for his head camera, collection box- with  money and more. We don't know if it was stolen or has fallen off.

New Sprocket and Chains

19/06/2014 23:31
From a blank I turned a new sprocket with an extra tooth + new chains + adjusted the head bearing ; all of which make it run a bit better.

Press release

19/06/2014 23:24
I am now in the local press see http://www.mkweb.co.uk/News/Charities/Milton-Keynes-biker-John-Wallis-to-ride-round-British-coast-on-90-year-old-motorbike-20140618130000.htm    

Banbury Run

08/06/2014 22:01
Front wheel taper bearings and gearbox self aligning bearings fitted.  Damper friction ferrodos cleaned of grease. A great ride and day at Banbury.

BMF Show

19/05/2014 10:26
It was great telling the MR story and thanks to all who donated generously increasing the funds by £159. MR is now on the bench ready for a checkover - wheel bearings, forks, dampers, gearbox bearing + tappets.

Another 400 miles

13/05/2014 22:54
Mike's Rally near Matlock went well with no problems at all.  Oiling is turned down as much as is comfortable.  Even with a lot of rain it didn't miss a beat.

1st Long Ride

27/04/2014 17:01
George Brough Plaques Unveiling-26th April-A great ride proving MR is pretty ready for the long ride.  Still slightly reducing the oil feed which should reduce the effects of it's incontinence.

Exhaust Coolers Made and Fitted

24/04/2014 23:32
Second exhaust cooler made and fitted.  A bit quicker to make than the first.  

Bits & Pieces

13/04/2014 14:02
New valve lifter cable made & fitted.  Exhaust coolers refurbished and tightened securely - fingers crossed.  Tappets checked - about a thou adjustment on the front only.  Constantly reducing the oil feed.  Adjusted primary chain which was too tight.  New corks in petrol taps.

Local Bike Meets

10/04/2014 16:38
Attended the Barrel Bikers twice on MR who gave very generously. Cernunnos tonight.

1st Ride

23/03/2014 14:58
WOW!!, it took no time to sort out the oiling and my first ride was GREAT. Dani, on the Honda, and I went to the Bike meets at Potterspury and then Jack's Hill cafe in Towcester.  It was a bit cold and so not so many there but we still collected some money for Comic Relief.  The renewed pepperpots in the silencers have changed the exhaust note to a deeper burble which can be heard better as the engine seems so much...

2nd Kick

22/03/2014 22:52
Yippee - it runs and sounds good.  I just need to get the Best & Lloyd oiling working correctly and off I can go for a ride.

1 step forwards and 1 back

19/03/2014 19:17
Valve timing done - timing side cover fitted - found thread for a stud had stripped - refitted with chemical metal - fingers crossed.

Gearbox and chains fitted and new drive sprocket made.

12/03/2014 15:54
Slow but hopefully sure. New gearbox sleeve gear and layshaft bearings fitted and gearbox and clutch assembled. New engine drive sprocket made from a blank, hardened and fitted. Timing disc fitted ready for valve timing.

Crankcases assembled + in the frame

03/03/2014 21:03
Flywheel assembly now in crankcases and in the frame - see photos.

Flywheel Assembly News

20/02/2014 00:00
New (except con rods) crankshaft collected - see photo tab.  A great job and close to when it was promised.  Actual cost was a significant amount less than the quotation. How often does that happen. New flywheels needed due to a crack and look great. 


14/01/2014 00:00
Plating collected today  -  what a great job they did too  -  and exactly when they said they would do it.   23/11/2013 Plating taken to platers - exhaust pipes, 2 oil pipes, exhaust and inlet nuts and exhaust tail pipes.  The latter has a pepper pot which goes into the silencer which had corroded badly.  After cutting off the bad sections, I rolled up 2 tubes, seam welded and welded them in followed...


23/11/2013 15:21
On taking out the tail pipes from the silencers, that Dad must have put in in about 1965, I broke bits of the retaining lugs and so they are at the welders. The welder has done a great job and that's another job done.  7/12/13


23/11/2013 15:15
Just got a re-painted mag cover and primary chain cover - might be too good as it could show up the rest of the bike.  It took less than a week to get done.

Crank pin and main shafts

13/11/2013 13:56
Took flywheel assembly to get new crank pin and main shafts made to Dudley.  Went on my Triumph and got soaked.

Stage 1 of MR's preparation

05/11/2013 08:33
The engine is out - flywheels split - about to go to get new crank pin and main shafts made.